Western Front Trail

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Western Front Trail 60km

Starting in the vicinity of the imposing Menin Gate Memorial the the Missing, you walk through Ypres Salient and the Yzer Front past special war sites from the First World War.

Group start  at 8:00 am 

Individual start between 8.00 & 9.00 am

Western Front Trail 35km

The Yser Tower, a symbol of peace and war, is the starting point of the mini Western Front Trail. With the Yserand the Frontzate as an ally, you will reach Westfront Nieuwpoort

No Group start

Individual start between 10.00 am & 14.00 pm


Participation package

  • Starter package 
  • Arranged route with km indication
  • Ample supply & rest points along the way
  • Sanitary facilities along the way
  • First aid posts
  • Bagdrop
  • Insurance Wandelsport Vlaanderen sports accidents
  • 1 free 'Sint-Bernardus beertasting' on arrival (upon presentation of ID)
  • A remembrance of the Western Front Trail
  • A guaranteed smile on your face


  • Members of a recognized hiking federation *
  • Participation costs 85 km : € 39
  • Participation costs 60 km : € 29
  • Participation costs 35 km : € 19
  • * It concerns members of Wandelsport Vlaanderen vzw, FFBMP , Wandersportverband Ostbelgien, Koninklijke Wandel Bond Nederland 
  • Non-members *
  • Participation costs 85 km : € 59
  • Participation costs 60 km : € 49
  • Participation costs 35 km : € 39
  • * Participation includes one year of membership at Wandelsport Vlaanderen vzw. Membership starts on 27.06.2021 and is valid until 31.12.2022. Membership card will be sent after 27.06.2021.
  • Participants must provide themselves with reflective clothing and / or flashlight.

Pick Up participation package

  • Participants who registered will receive an E-ticket with which they can pick up their participation package on September Friday 17th in Westfront Nieuwpoort between 15.00 till 18.00 PM
  • On September Saterday 18th at the starting location of the chosen distance.

Control and supply

All participants will receive a wristband at the start. You must show this proof to the rest zones to receive your supplies.

Starting times & location

Each distance has its own starting time and location::
  • 85 km free start between 5.00 & 5.30 am                                        Start: O.C. 't Oud Schooltje, Korte Mooiestraat 7, 8957 MESEN
  • 60 km free start between 8.00 & 9.00 am                                      Start: College Ieper, Gezelleplein , 8900 IEPER                             
  • 35 km free start between 10.00 am & 14.00 pm                              Start:  Museum van de IJzer, IJzerdijk 49 - 8600 DIKSMUIDE                                                                                

All distances arrive at Westfront Nieuwpoort. The finish must be reached on Saturday 18 September 2021 at 11:59 PM at the latest

Upon arrival in Nieuwpoort you are welcome as a participant, but also as supporter in our après-walking café.

Bus transport (optional) 

We bring you from the event site in Nieuwpoort (FINISH) to the starting locations (Messines, Ypres or Diksmuide).

Bus transport is NOT included in the participation price. If you want to use the bus, you must reserve your place at registration (before 21/08/2021!).

  • 85 km : departure bus in Nieuwpoort at 3:00 am on Saturday  September 18th for start in Messines between 5:00 am & 5:30 am
  • 60 km : departure bus in Nieuwpoort at 6:00 am on Saterday  September 18th for start in Ypres between 8:00 & 9:00 am
  • 35 km: departure bus in Nieuwpoort at 9:00 am on Saterday September 18th for start in Diksmuide at 10:00 am

Parking options in Nieuwpoort

Participants who use the shuttle buses can park for free in Nieuwpoort.

Parking options are provided at:

  • parking Bruselle
  • parking Kattesas
  • parking Watersportlaan

Follow the markings to the parking areas and bus service.

Overnight accomodation

Nothing is more fun as a participant or as a supporter to combine the unique experience of the Western Front Trail with a stay in one of the partner cities.

View the options below: